Top Best Android Launchers 2018 (Paid & Free)

Nova Launcher APK

Android phones are one of the phones which have taken over the market by a total of over seventy percent. Rest of the other phones include iOS device and other operating systems. Most of the people who are out today are always giving their preference to buying an Android phone because they are cheap and also provides some great user functions. But some of the guys which are tech savvy like me or who are just bored of using the standard Android operating systems on their phone want something more. They want to customize their phone with a completely unique and different look. The one way to do it is to completely root your Android device and then make customization according to your need. this way is much more painful and includes a lot of hassle to go through.

But there is also another way which any other normal user like me can use to customize their phone’s looks. and that way is with the help of the Android Launchers. Android Launchers helps users to have a unique experience while using their phone. So today we will be listing some of the best Android Launchers for the year of 2017. Even if you want to make look your Android phone like an iOS device you can easily do it with the help of some of the best Android launchers. So without wasting much of your time lets just get started.

Best Android Launchers 2018 – Free & Paid launcher Apps

Nova launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best Android launchers which is available for your Android device. This Launcher provides you with lots of customizability options like Icon Themes, Subgrid positioning, Color controls, Customize App Drawer, Improved Widget Drawer, Infinite scroll, Backup/Restore, Scrollable Dock, Widgets in the dock, Import Layout, Fast. It also provides you with an iPhone like feature called 3D touch.

Nova Launcher APK
Nova Launcher APK

You can use this feature to access the basic functions of an App. With the help of the features which are mentioned above, you can also change the size of icons. This app is available in free and prime version. For prime version, you need to pay a little bit of fee but it provides you with more features like gesture controls, Hides apps and scroll effects etc. If you need Nova Launcher prime, then download nova launcher prime apk for Android for free.


One Launcher

One Launcher
One Launcher

This launcher is a really cool launcher. If you wish your Android phone to look like an Apple or an iOS device then this is the launcher that you should definitely use. The app provides you with a new set of icons and completely changes the look of your phone. Within first glance, anyone can be tricked into thinking that it is an iOS device. This launcher is very light on the processor so now you can also have a lag free experience while using your apps with the help of this launcher. One Launcher is one of the Best iPhone Launcher for Android to. get Apple iOS launcher experience on Android phone.


Action Launcher

This Launcher is also one of the best launcher apps which comes with a solid stock Android feel. However, it also has some of the extra features which add to its uniqueness.The QuickTheme feature allows you to change your theme colour according to your wallpaper colour. Shutter feature allows you to check out the apps without actually setting them on the home screen. with the help of the customizations, you can even make your phone’s OS look like Android Oreo. and also app drawer is also configurable and customizable

Action Launcher
Action Launcher

The above mentioned are some of the best launchers which provide you with a really great customizable option. Other than that following is the list of the launchers which are also really great and provide you with a unique experience of using an Android Phone. Also you can download iLauncher APK for Android if you really need.

  • Hola Launcher
  • Solo Launcher
  • ZenUI Launcher
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite
  • Smart Launcher 3
  • Yahoo Aviate Launcher
  • TSF Launcher 3D Shell
  • Microsoft launcher
  • Go Launcher Z
  • Buzz Launcher
  • Action Launcher 3
  • Atom Launcher
  • Lens Launcher
  • Square Home 2
  •  XOS – Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • CM Launcher 3D
  • BlackBerry Launcher


Wrapping Best Android launchers, 

Above mentioned are some of the very nice launchers which you should definitely try out. XOS-Launcher is also an app which provides you with an iOS look for your Android Device. Also in the above-mentioned list the Google Now launcher is been discontinued in this year so you won’t be able to get any more new updates for this launcher Otherwise it is a very solid Launcher with a lot of customizability option. Also if you are a Blackberry fan then you can also make your phone look like it with the help of the Blackberry launcher which is mentioned in the list above.

The only thing I recommend that you should consider using a launcher according to your phone’s hardware because some of the launchers mentioned above might require more CPU or RAM resources to run properly. So if you have a solid hardware and want to make your phone different you should consider using an Android Launcher on your phone.